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On Assignment with Massmart in Bentonville, AR, USA

My Latest fun thing

I am really enjoying exploring with timelapse exposures…. I am not brilliant, but find it enormously rewarding to view the world around me in a slightly different way!

I hope you enjoy this….A holiday video (Oh Boy!) But I hope you find it entertaining. It aims to be quick and fun!

I’ve added titles…. but it is work in progress

It has taken me a while, but I have figured out how to add titles to my images, and my home page gallery is now updated. Phew… next step is to get all the titles updated to reflect accurately on all the galleries which I have now started.

Expanding my portfolio

One of my key objectives this year will be to expand my portfolio, and look for opportunities to do fun assignments…  If you have any suggestions let me know.
I plan to keep my camera close and take advantage of what ever opportunities arise, like this beautiful sunset in Bryanston my son and I enjoyed while walking his dog.


Bryanston Sunset

Back to work Today

Oh well…. My staycation is over, and it is back to work.  It’s gonna be fun.  Who knows what excitement lies ahead, and of course what photo opportunities will present themselves!  And it was a great leave.  The website is up and running, my Nigeria video is almost done, I am well rested…..

Thanks for the great responses

The responses from families and friends has been overwhelming.  Thank you so much.  I have now increased the galleries of work I have done ‘on assignment’.

I am up and running

Bill DaviesSo my website is up and running.


Why?  I have always used Flickr to expose my photography, but the lines became blurred, between personal and professional, so now I have set up a site to expose my best work.  My aim is to showcase my work and highlight my ‘talent’!


In a perfect world; no bond, no commitments, no bills, and a sufficient confidence to chuck it all in and survive on photography alone, quite simply, that is what I would do! For now I will straddle a middle world; Photography will feed my soul, my real job will feed my body.  But it is not all bad.  My job has allowed me to see the world and continues to stimulate my ambition and intellect.



Hello world!

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