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Dub FX – Colours ft. Martha Cecilia – YouTube

Incredible visuals!!!

Moscow Circus – Monte Casino – December 2016 – YouTube

Beagle Walk (Beagle POV) – YouTube

Walkhaven – YouTube

Drive west till you hit the sea, then turn left! | Outdoorphoto Blog

Part 1 of a two part photographic road trip, traveling towards the Northern Cape through small and unconventional towns like Kimberley and the Richtersveld.

Source: Drive west till you hit the sea, then turn left! | Outdoorphoto Blog

Sauce and Burger – YouTube

A video I shot for a work presentation….. Not perfect but I had a great time filming it.

Saying Good-bye to Tankwa | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Spent 10 inspirational days in the Northern Cape….. What an extraordinary beautiful part of the world.

Inspiration – Wow!

 What an incredibly inspiring video

Finally some new work

In September 2013, I started a new job, and over the last 7 months it has sucked the life out of me to the point that I began to lose my Photographic yearning….  I was truly becoming unbalanced.  Someone once said to me the worst thing you can ever do is a turn a hobby into a career….  I am not so sure.  I just wish I had the courage.  The joy to spend your day doing what you love!

Testing a new microphone

Having recently purchased the Sennheiser EK/SK 100 G3 lapel microphone set for an upcoming interview I am recording, I needed a test subject to try out my skills. So I help an impromptu interview with my son in the garden, all about him and why he loves his Beagle Tex.

Look I like the video, and the sound out of the mike was awesome. Video and audio captured on my Canon 5D mkII. So I am pleased.